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Foster's Covered Wagons

Rainbow Deck Above Gooseneck Series

The Express: Rainbow's introductory Deck Over line.

The Excursion: This trailer has been built with additional features for those who use their trailer every day. From the family farm to hot shot deliveries to the oil fields of Western Canada these combine the right features and durability to get the job done quickly and easily.

Standard Features: 2" painted spruce floor; 2 5/16" ball coupler; easy lube spring axles; oil bath spring axles (20,000lb GVW); 4 leaf double eye suspension; 5 leaf slipper suspension (14,000 & 21,000lb GVWR trailers); 6" channel frame & hitch; 12" i-beam frame (all trailers over 20'); radial tires; metal preparation by sandblasting; 2 part epoxy primer; high quality black topcoat paint; front bump rail; heavy duty stake pockets; 5,000lb top wind jack; safety chains (compliant with SAE standards); DOT compliant electric breakaway kit; DOT compliant rubber mounted sealed beam lights; wiring enclosed in poly conduit; 7 prong RV plug.

Available Options: 14,000lb GVWR - tandem 7,000lb axles (6" channel frame & hitch); 16,000lb GVWR - tandem 8,000lb axles (12" i-beam frame & hitch); 21,000lb GVWR - tridem 7,000lb axles (12" i-beam frame & hitch); 24,000lb GVWR - tridem 8,000lb axles (12" 8-beam frame & hitch); 20,000lb GVWR - tandem 10,000lb axles (12" i-beam frame & hitch); 24,000lb GVWR - tandem 12,000lb axles (12" i-beam frame & hitch); spare tire; spare tire holder; 2 5/16" height adjustable coupler; height adjustable pintle ring; gooseneck; straight deck with 8' slide in ramps; 2' dovetail with 8' slide in ramps (6" channel frame trailers only); 2' dovetail with sliding flip up ramps (6" channel frame trailers only); 4.5' Dovetail with 8' slide in ramps (12" i'beam frame trailers only); 4.5' Dovetail with sliding flip up ramps (12" i-beam frame trailers only); 4.5' self leveling dove (formed diamond plate); rubrail.

Available Sizes: 0G716; 0G718; 0G720; 0G722; 0G724; 0G726; 0G822; 0G824; 0G826; 0G828; 0G830; 0G7320; 0G7322; 0G7324; 0G7326; 0G7328; 0G7330; 0G7332; 0G7334; 0G7336; 0G8320; 08322; 0G8324; 0G8326: 0G8328; 0G8330; 0G8332; 0G8334; 0G8336; 0G1024; 0G1026; 0G1028; 0G1030; 0G1032; 0G1034; 0G1036; 0G1230; 0G1232; 0G1234; 0G1236

Specifications subject to change without notice

Financing Available!  Call our office at 866-987-0142 or click the Request to Quote button for more information. 

****  This trailer may not be in stock at all times.  Please call 866-987-0142 to check availability.

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