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Foster's Covered Wagons

Rainbow Full Tilt

Different machinery calls for different equipment. Rainbow trailers realize this, which is exactly why you can opt for a tilting deck trailer as opposed to a car and equipment trailer.  Built for quality and built for business, a Rainbow tilting deck trailer makes loading a breeze as it negates the need for a ramp.

Full Tilt Deck Trailer

This quality deck trailer looks similar to the Rainbow car and equipment trailer, but differs in the way you load up.  While a ramp would be needed with the car and equipment trailer, this version simply tilts down with a few pumps of the hydraulic jack so you can drive or roll your cargo directly onto the trailer.  Loading cars and equipment will be a breeze with this deck trailer.  If your needs are a bit heavier then you can choose the heavy duty version of the tilt deck trailer. 

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