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Foster's Covered Wagons

Trailtech Dump Series

The Dump series include a range of models, all designed to meet your specific needs. Slide in ramps make these trailers ideal for loading and hauling your equipment, and store conveniently under the trailer when not in use. The two-way tailgate features a rear double door and spreader gate, allowing for fast unloading of your materials, or a more controlled flow if you prefer. The versatility and convenience of these trailers give you maximum control and the ability to use the product as a handy dump trailer or a flat deck trailer with complete ease.

Features: Electric/Hydraulic Power Pack – Two way electric/hydraulic power pack with 10′ hand held, gives control and safety when unloading. Scissor Hoist – The heavy duty high lift hoist provides stability, strength, and optimal dumping angle. Two Way Tailgate – The versatile two way tailgate incorporates a spreader gate for even flow of material, and barn doors for equipment loading. Adjustable Coupling & HD Jack – The adjustable coupling and HD dropleg jack allows for choice of coupling, ease of hook up and ability to tow level loads. Jeep Style Fenders – The heavy duty jeep style checker plate fenders are designed for long lasting durability and strenth. Unibody Dump Box – Designed for the gravel industry, the dump box provides lower deck height, cleaner flow, and increased stability.

All models have LED lights.

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